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Personal Tour
Guiding you in India as a Friend


Do you plan to travel in India alone, or with a few friends?
Do you want to interact with Indian people tough you don't speak a word of Hindi?
Are you tired of being assaulted by guides, trouts/hackers, operators and sellers of any kind?
Are you aware that, being a foreigner, you often pay more than you should?
Do you want to see the highlights and also some out-of-the-tracks places?
Do you want to learn about Indian culture and lifestyle?

I organize your Personal Tour in India : I take care of everything before, during and after your travel. Knowledge of India, best prices, friendliness and loyalty included.


I build YOUR unique trip according to your wishes.
Tell me what you like (or don't like) and what you want to see (or to avoid).
Tell me about your budget and the level of facilities you expect.
Thus I would build a personalized road and offer.

I make suggestions; you make choices.
I will underline advantages and disadvantages of any option, I will advise you according to your priorities, but I won't make any pressure: you will always feel free to decide.

I take care of everything; I take care of you.
Booking, guiding, negotiating, driving, watching over you and your belongings. I will never leave you on your own, except of course when you ask for privacy!

You can change the plan at any moment.
Your commitment is limited to the bookings that have to be made in advance. I will of course always keep you informed before confirming any. Apart from these, you can interrupt our trip at any moment if it does not match your expectations.

I can demonstrate my knowledge of all North India, with special expertise in Rajasthan.
I already organized personal tours in Rajasthan, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, West Bengal, Assam, Sikkim, Maharashtra, Goa, Kerala, Tamil Nadu…


You will pay less than regular prices.
Being Indian and knowing about tourism, I can get significant discounts from hotels, restaurants, guides, transportation…

My goal is not to make profit.
Of course I need to cover my expense while travelling with you. But I don't aim at making a real, additional profit.
Wow, you are probably surprised and maybe even suspicious about that, aren't you?
This is comprehensible: that why I wrote a complete paragraph about it. Please read "HOW IS IT POSSIBLE" further below.

I don't expect any tip.
Most guides will put pressure on you to get tips. Some travel companies even state a "recommended amount". You're supposed to feel free about it, but do you really feel comfortable? I put it very clear: of course I won't decline if you decide to tip me, but I truly don't expect it.

Your satisfaction is more important than money.
If you were satisfied with my service, I would ask you to express it in Tripadvisor, on social media…
If you think I can improve some points, I would be grateful that you let me know.

I can adapt to various budgets.
I have options for budget backpacking as well as for the most luxurious places in India. Please tell me sincerely about your budget; I won't inflate prices to catch your higher estimation!


I am aware than my offer sounds strange, maybe even suspect. What do you wonder when you read that I don't expect to make a real profit? Especially if you heard about Indian guides, sadly known for chasing always short time, maximum earnings...

Well, the first thing is that you should not consider me as a guide. I will be your guide in that I will organize, explain, translate and take care of everything. But I don't do it to make money.
I run other businesses (a guest house and a desert camp in Bikaner): these are what I live on.
When traveling in India with tourist, I aim at something else: meeting people, melting cultures, sharing experiences and sometimes even making friends. Have you heard about "Couchsurfing"? It is quite common in India: people welcomes you at home for free; they offer accommodation, sometimes meals, and always much of their time, showing you their city and way of life.
This is my goal; this is my philosophy. I only expect your contribution to cover my expenses. Then our shared moment will be my major gratification.


My name is Yogendra Singh Rathore; my friends call me Yogi.
I am in my late thirties. I was born in Bikaner; I have 2 sisters.
My father is a Jagmal Singh Rathore, a highly decorated retired Brigadier of Indian Army.
I run a Guesthouse in our family house in Bikaner and my own Desert Camp in its surroundings. I enjoy camel and horse riding, swimming, making new friends from all over the world.

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