Wild Desert Resort
  Wild Desert Resort  
  An Adventure on sand dunes and same. get a feel of shifting sand dunes Capturing the spirit of Sand Dunes and ensuring the perfect Dunes experience at Wild desert resort, a unique Sam Dunes Resort and Camp.  

Wild Desert Resort
Wild Desert Resort a unit of Rao Bikaji Group Of Hotels and Resorts it provides cosy environment to its guests. Owned by a scion of Rao Bikaji first king of Bikaner the family the wild desert resort is an embodiment of Rajput culture and tradition. The owner, a retired Brigadier, enjoys enlightening the visitors on a variety of subjects ranging from the history, culture and religion of Rajasthan on request. His interests are homeopathy, yoga, spiritual healing and shooting.We have our owen hotel in Bikaner in name of Shri Ram heritage and we we have joiend hands with other reputed hotels & resort in rajasthan and other parts of india in name of RAo Bikaji Groups of hotels & resorts.

Capturing the spirit of Sand Dunes and ensuring the perfect Dunes experience is Wild Desert Resort, a unique Sum Dunes Resort and Camp. A right place Away from the urban life the quaint mud and thatch dwellings in the resort give the right blend of traditions modern amenities in typical ethnic environment.The life in the villages around Jaisalmer vibrates to the sound of music and sways in a profusion of colours. Sturdy men with moustaches in colorful turbans, cheerful women in multitute and kids live life to the hilt. After the harsh summer, there is dancing, singing and other community festivities which transform the hard working people of Sum desert into fun loving and carefree individuals.Hence Wild Desert Resort which is in operation since 2011, promises you an unparalleled, all fun filled, colourful and memorable experience of Sand Dunes SAM(Jaisalmer).

About Jaisalmer City.

The city has an interesting legend associated with it, according to which, Lord Krishna-the head of the Yadav Clan, foretold Arjuna that a remote descendent of the Yadav Clan would built his kingdom atop the Meru hill and named fortTrikut Garh (golden fort) famous by name of golden fort after satyajeet rays movie in mid 1974. His prophecy was fulfilled in 1156 A.D. when Rawal Jaisal, a descendent of the Yadav Clan and a Bhatti Rajput, abandoned his fort at Lodurva and founded a new capital Jaisalmer, perched on the Meru Hill. Bahti Rajputs of Jaisalmer were feudal chiefs who lived off the forced levy on the caravans laden with precious silks and spices that crossed the territory enroute Delhi-or-Sind. These caravans earned the town great wealth.


(1) Traditional Welcome (Dhol Thali & Tika)
(2) 2-Mineral Water (Per Day Per Room)
(3) Camel Safari (Evening or Morning as per availability of camel)
(4) Evening Tea & Snacks
(5) Folk dance & Music with Bone Fire (After Sunset for 2 HRS only)
(6) Dj Party (After Culture Programme Till 10 PM only)
(7) Buffet Dinner
(8) Night Stay
(9) Buffet Breakfast

Rs. 1000 Supplementary Charges on 30 and 31 December
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