Wild Desert Resort Bikaner
  Wild Desert Resort  
  An Adventure on sand dunes and same. get a feel of shifting sand dunes Capturing the spirit of Sand Dunes and ensuring the perfect Dunes experience at Wild desert resort, a unique Sam Dunes Resort and Camp.  

Wild Desert Resort Bikaner
Till 31st September 20% Discount Guest House & Heritage

Capturing the spirit and ensuring the perfect dunes experience, at Wild Desert Resort, a unique Desert Dunes Resort and Camp.

Away from town or city life the quaint mud and thatch dwellings in the resort give the right blend of traditions versus modern amenities in a typical ethnic environment.

The life in the villages around Bikaner vibrates to the sound of music and sways in a profusion of colours. Sturdy men with moustaches in colourful turbans, a multitude of happy women and children, all living live life to the hilt. After the harsh summer, singing and other community festivities, which transform the hard working people of the Sam Desert into fun loving and carefree individuals. Since 2009 the Wild Desert resort / Rao Bikaji Camel safari has promised you an unparalleled, fun filled, colourful and memorable experience of Sand Dunes (Bikaner).

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